Trump Jr: Biden Administration is Already Considering Concentrating Military Force in Iraq

Devastating bomb attack took place on Thursday in Bagdad for which ISIS took responsibility. In its final days in office, the Trump administration made good on a longstanding a commitment to draw US troop numbers in Iraq down from about 5,800 to 2,500 troops total.

Baghdad was shaken on Thursday by two terrorist attacks that killed at least 32 and injured 110 people. Donald Trump, Jr. has taken aim at President Joe Biden over a news report suggesting that the new administration may treat Thursday’s Baghdad bombing as a pretext to scale up America’s military footprint in Iraq.

“Getting back into wars on the first full day. The Swamp/War Inc. is thrilled right now,” Trump wrote, referring to the ‘the Swamp’ of Washington, DC corruption, and the US military-industrial complex.

The recently departed former president’s son accompanied the tweet with a link to an article by the Jerusalem Post, which suggests that Thursday’s terror attacks in the Iraqi capital could “present the Biden administration with one of its first foreign crises”, and provide the president “with an early opportunity to show US support for Iraq”.

Forsided, 22.1.2021
Source: Twitter

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