TikTok Blogger Was Bullied After She Favoured Russia in a Video

Popular TikTok blogger from Ukraine received messages of hate and threats for an alleged declaration of love for Russia. The girl is accused of anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

Taisiya Onatskaya, with the nickname di.rubens, filmed a video to her TikTok. In the video she answers the questions of another blogger, choosing one of the two countries he named. From a pair Russia-USA and Russia-Belarus, the girl chose Russia, and when asked to choose between Russia and Ukraine, the blogger says: “Russia”.

The video was noticed by a public relations officer, who wrote “Here is the patriotic education,” and called the girl’s act shameful. The video also outraged by other nationalist-minded citizens of Ukraine, especially since the video was filmed on the Maidan square.

A scandal arose, she deleted her TikTok video, her advertisers broke all contracts with her and later she got blacklisted on Ukrainian nationalist website Mirotvorets. There she was called as: “Provocateur. Anti-Ukrainian propagandist. Deliberate discredition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Deliberate participation in the special informational operation of Russia (the aggressor country) against Ukraine”.

Taisia also stressed that she is preparing to sue an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and that this case is already being considered by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The blogger claims that the information spread about her by the Ukrainian media is is falsified and the behavior of the media that picked up this “news” is unprofessional. She also recorded a video message to the Ukrainian media asking them to adhere to journalistic standards.

Forsided, 21.1.2021
Source: Facebook

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