Antifa / BLM Marched In Downtown Washington: “Let’s Burn It To The Ground!” [Video]

A group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants marched through Washington DC again threatening violence. The U.S. mainstream media ignored events in the country’s capital.

Antifa / BLM troops harassed Washington restaurant customers and police on Saturday night, singing, “Black lives, they matter here” – “if we don’t get it, we burn it”.

The videos show Antifa’s threats and harassing police, but DC police show no interest in the threats of violence. The social media message spread by Antifa made it clear what they wanted:  Let’s get rid of the police – Let’s get rid of prisons! 

In other words, abolish law enforcement and replace anarchy. The media, such as CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media giants, are silent at the same time about the far left’s demands for revolution.

The mainstream media showed once again that a violent uprising against the authorities and the government is not an uprising, but only such that a group of Trump supporters are marching to demand fair elections.

Forsided, 08.02.2021
Source: Twitter

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