Stay Home To Save The Planet Or You’re a “Science Denier” [Video]

Youtube channel “Anything Goes” posted a video “Coming Soon: Climate Lockdowns”, bringing the topic of possible upcoming climate lockdowns after Covid-19.

Youtube blogger Paul Joseph Watson starts by saying that governments have now set the precedent that normal life is a privilege they allow us to have.

“This isn’t going to end with Covid-19. There’ll be new mutations, new viruses, but you’ll hear louder calls for climate lockdowns,” said Paul, the author of the channel.

He explains that “Do capitalist differently” is precisely what the World Economic Forum is calling for under the “umbrella of their great reset”. Over the course of the pandemic, the biggest corporations have raked in record profits while on main street small businesses have capitulated unemployment has soared and poverty has drastically increased.

“How would governors and the federal government impose climate lockdowns? Simple: by declaring that climate change is an immediate public health and national security crisis, and using the same authority granted to them by public health departments to implement them under the same guidelines they did for Covid-19.”

Forsided, 11.02.2021
Source: Youtube

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