Instagram Banned Famous Anti-Vaccine Lawyer Robert F. Kennedy

Instagram took down the account of an anti-vaccine activist with 800,000 subscribers. Kennedy’s Instagram account with its massive following was erased on Wednesday.

Lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, has been banned from Facebook-owned Instagram just days after he penned a comprehensive account of Bill Gates’ attempt to monopolize and dominate global food production and public health programs.

“We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” Facebook said, confirming the deletion of his hugely popular page.

The account was yanked shortly after the Washington Post reported that it had alerted the Facebook-owned social network to Kennedy’s post with the viral clip from “Planet Lockdown.”

The video is an interview starring Kennedy’s ally, Catherine Austin Fitts, who served as assistant secretary of housing in the George H.W. Bush administration. In the clip, which has since been scrapped from YouTube, Facebook, and other established social media, Fitts reportedly argues that the vaccination drive against Covid-19 is a sinister plot masterminded by a global cabal and that vaccines can change people’s DNA or render them infertile.

Forsided, 11.02.2021
Source: Twitter

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