Belgium: BLM Riots in The City of Liege After Police Racism Claims [Video]

Photo: @BrunoFahy

Street riots in the city of Liege, Belgium. Hundreds of migrants and youth under the banner of Black Lives Matter took to the streets and clashed with police after the arrest of a Congolese nurse at noon.

Belgian police say nine officers were hospitalized and several arrests were made after protests against racism led to rioting in Liege’s inner city.

9 wounded. 250 police officers used 3 cars with water cannons to disperse the crowd. The police still patrol downtown in the evening and night. Up to a hundred shop windows are smashed.

The violence happened on the fringes of a demonstration called to protest an incident on Monday in Liege, when officers arrested a woman of Congolese origin for “rebellion.”

Forsided, 16.02.2021

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