Belgium: Woman Knocked Unconscious by Police Horse During Brutal Lockdown Enforcement

A shocking video shows a woman being knocked down unconscious by a police horse as authorities brutally crushed a lockdown-violating gathering in Brussels, Belgium.

The incident occurred as revelers gathered at Bois de la Cambre park in response to an April Fools’ prank that was taken seriously. A Facebook post announced that there would be a festival in the park on Thursday.

5,000 people fell for the prank and gathered in the park, turning it into a de facto anti-lockdown protest in violation of Belgian law, which bans gatherings of more than four people.

Police mounted on horses quickly arrived to brutally suppress the gathering, trampling people and blasting them with water cannons.

One horrific video shows a woman being bashed to the ground by a police horse and immediately falling unconscious.

Forsided, 02.04.2021

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