Twitter Censors Media Right News Account for Quoting Antifa Activists

Twitter has locked out the Media Right News account after the America First news outlet tweeted out a headline that included a quote from Antifa activists.

The Media Right News account was locked on Tuesday, it was revealed to National File. The account was accused by Twitter of engaging in “targeted harassment,” for tweeting out a headline of a story they had covered last week.

The account was hit with the lock only days after tweeting out the story, entitled “Antifa Hit List, Recordings Exposed by ABC Affiliate: ‘Let’s Kill Some Cops’,” with Twitter likely targeting the tweet due to the quote from Antifa activists.

The story focused on a recent exposé of Antifa published by ABC7. A Trump supporter infiltrated the leftist organisation, and discovered that the group had a “target list” of people that they wanted to dox and expose their personal information, including the head of the Deputy Sheriff’s Union and a number of police officers. Included in the article was the quote from the headline about “killing cops,” which related to a discussion about a potential upcoming protest for May Day.

The tweet has been appealed, given that no rules were broken by it. The account still remains locked as of the time of writing – it is unclear what more permanent decision Media Right News, a fast growing outlet, may face if the appeal is rejected by Twitter.

Forsided, 06.05.2021

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