Indian Couple Rent Plane For Wedding Ceremony to Escape Local COVID Restrictions

An Indian couple chartered a passenger jet for their wedding ceremony in an attempt to circumvent newly introduced COVID-19 restrictions which limit celebrations to 50 attendees.

COVID-19 encourages people to find creative ways of celebrating traditional events during restrictions.

To avoid coronavirus-related limits on large events and gatherings, a couple from the Indian city of Madurai took a flight from Bangalore and filled the plane with relatives and friends — to have and celebrate their wedding in the air. Guests neither had to wear face masks nor maintain social distance

The bride and groom officially tied the knot, in front of their 161 guests, mid-air when the aircraft flew over the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Officials claim that the group broke multiple rules including social distancing guidelines during the flight. SpiceJet, the airline chartered for the event, is now taking “appropriate action.”

Forsided, 25.05.2021

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