US Vice President Criticized For Wiping Hands After Handshake With S.Korean President [Video]

The US Vice President Kamala Harris was denounced for wiping hands on pants immediately after a handshake with the South Korean President. Meanwhile, Canada imposes “handshake fines” as it would violate coronavirus restrictions.

Footage of the handshake has gone viral, with Harris appearing to wipe her hands on her slacks straight after shaking President Moon Jae-In’s hand last week.

Thousands have lambasted the Vice President and called her action “insulting” – one user arguing the reaction would be classed as “racist” had she been a Republican leader.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, Canada, police impose fines if they find people shaking hands with each other – for violating a coronavirus-justified “social distance” requirement.

Forsided, 25.05.2021

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