Amazon Mocked For Providing Employees ‘Mindful Rooms’ To Take Mental Breaks

Amazon has come under fire once again for the way it treats its employees after the company began encouraging them to get inside coffin-sized pods in order to ‘recharge’ their mental and emotional batteries.

The company calls them ‘zen booths’ or ‘Amazen’ in a video that is posted to Twitter and subsequently deleted just hours later after it was relentlessly mocked and criticised.

However, Twitter users didn’t forget and countinued to discuss the topic:

Inside the chilling despair pod, there is also a computer that, Amazon says, allows workers to “navigate through a library of mental health and mindful practices to recharge the internal battery.”

This adds to the litany of other reports of Amazon employees being treated so poorly that they are literally killing themselves.

“They treat us like disposable parts,” an anonymous writer, who worked at an Amazon fulfilment centre, wrote in an article published by The Guardian last year.

The employees say they are tracked everywhere they go (which has increased with COVID measures) and punished if they dare to stop working at any time.

Drivers have reported that they have to piss in bottles because they cannot take sufficient breaks. Amazon dismissed the claim, then walked back the dismissal after it was revealed to be true via internal documents that proved the company was chiding employees for “public urination” and even “public defecation.”

Forsided, 31.05.2021

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