Father in Kentucky Offered His Daughter $2,000 to Not Get Vaccine

A video posted on TikTok has gone viral after a father, apparently wracked with fear over the vaccine’s potential effect, appears to offer his daughter $2000 to avoid it.

This father seems to be unaware of the fact that he is being recorded, and continues to plead to his daughter to give up on the vaccine. 

“It’s not a vaccine, it’s a human trial, it’s genetic therapy. It is not FDA approved,” said the father before his daughter asks why he is trying to buy her off.

“My family is gone! My family is gone!” the father responds. “By the end of this flu season, most of you will be dead! What the f*ck do you expect me to be?”

The daughter apparently still went ahead and got the jab.

Forsided, 31.05.2021

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