Florida Man Arrested For Leaving Tire Tracks on LGBT Crosswalk [Twitter]

After doing an apparently intentional “burnout” with his vehicle on a rainbow-painted LGBTQ Pride crosswalk in Delray Beach, a Florida man was arrested.

Alexander Jerich allegedly pulled into the intersection with his pickup truck and spinning his rear tires around for 15 seconds, leaving black tire streaks across the intersection’s rainbow stripes and sending clouds of smoke into the air.

Reports stated that Jerich had been charged with criminal mischief over $1,000, reckless driving, and evidence of prejudice.

The charges against Jerich were elevated from misdemeanour to felony after authorities said there was “evidence of prejudice” in his actions.

However, this isn’t enough for LGBT activists, who are trying to make police hit Jerich with charges of “defacing a memorial” under a law passed by Governor Ron DeSantis in April that was intended to protect actual statues and memorials from being torn down by left-wing hate mobs.

Forsided, 21.06.2021

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