IKEA’s LGBTQ Sofas Drew Criticism And Discomfort [Tweet]

IKEA Canada has launched a series of sofas that each symbolize sexual deviation. However, it drew some criticism – especially the quirky “bisexual sofa”.

Particularly striking is perhaps the “bisexual sofa” – a grotesque creation with palms around the whole sofa and the text “When you change ‘or’ to ‘and’ no one believes you ‘.

This message has aroused criticism on social media.

“Ikea is destroying the bisexual environment with its ‘Nobody Believes in You’,” writes one user.

Others liken the couch to a prop in a horror movie.

The “nonbinary” couch, a gray sofa tightly harnessed with yellow, purple and white straps, also became a talking point on Twitter.

Forsided, 1.07.2021

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