COVID Marshals Take to The Streets of London [Photo]

Government councils in the UK hired COVID Marshals to patrol the streets of London. They check people’s vaccination passports, the presence of QR codes, and also they can accompany a person to the nearest vaccination point.

More Covid Marshals have signed contracts to patrol the streets of the UK following the government’s June 21st quarantine release date.

“The contract comes with a possible one-year extension, meaning marshals would still be patrolling until 2023,” states the report.

Several British councils recently contracted security firms to service marshals in their areas, with agreements still in effect after the final phase isolation. District Council of Thanet has signed an £ 80,000 contract with Marc One Security to deploy Covid Marshal teams in the southeast region, with the agreement expected to remain in effect until March 31 next year.

The Marshals will be tasked with ensuring “compliance” and helping the public understand “regulations and guidance,” despite the fact that all regulations are supposed to be terminated in 8 weeks time.

Critics have accused the government of wasting taxpayer money by allowing councils to use government grants to fund the program.

Forsided, 02.07.2021

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