Facebook Now Sends ‘You’ve Been Exposed To Extremist Content’ Warnings

Some Facebook users are receiving prompts from the platform asking whether someone they know may be becoming an extremist, or cautioning them that they may have recently been exposed to extremist materials.

Both notifications allow the user to “Get support,” by linking to a page that counters beliefs like that “Violence is the only way to achieve change.”

The new campaign appears to be the result of a partnership between Facebook and Life After Hate, a non-profit dedicated to combating far-right extremism.

What is unclear are the criteria that Facebook is using to decide which users may have at-risk connections, or who may be at risk themselves.

So far the company has yet to release a statement on the new initiative, but at the very least, it’s a reminder that user interactions on the site are being monitored and analyzed by actors that have no obligation.

Forsided, 02.07.2021

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