Kids TV Show Propaganda: Teletubbies Promote Vaccination [Tweet]

The vaccination campaign is in full swing, and now even the children’s show is promoting vaccines. 

The official Teletubbies Twitter account posted photos of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po all holding pictures of proof that they are officially vaccinated from COVID-19, but the internet had bigger questions.

The post received criticism for seemingly promoting the vaccination of children, when medical professionals are still debating whether vaccinating minors against Covid-19 has more benefits than risks. 

Many Twitter users considered that such propaganda is unacceptable for a kid’s TV Show, one of which wrote: “Yet another reason I’m so proud to be a parent without a TV”.

Others noted that Telibu the Teletubbies were vaccinated with the “Astratubbica” and “Noo-nson and Noo-nson” which are mainly American.

“Realize how they only got viral vaccines from analogs of J&J and Astra Zeneca, largely American companies. Are the Teletubbies in the pocket of big pharma? Absolutely insane stuff,” the user wrote.

Some users questioned why the Teletubbies were born on the same day, and why are all 18 years old, while others asked why Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa had received two doses of a vaccine based on Johnson & Johnson – which fully vaccinates with just one shot.

Forsided, 08.07.2021

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