Facebook Develops Its Own City Near Silicon Valley HQ [Photos]

Facebook is expanding its social media empire by developing its own city right next to its Silicon Valley headquarters.

Complete with over 1,700 apartments, a supermarket, hotel, and new offices for its staff – Facebook is planning to build a real-life community called Willow Park, on a 59-acre site in California.

The housing units will not be exclusively for Facebook employees although should some choose to live there, they will never have to leave the confines of the social media behemoth’s empire.

Facebook already own several of the existing buildings on the site and are working with Signature Development Group on the proposed plans – with the initial application occurring in 2017 and the most recent update in May.

The city will be built between Belhaven and the populous Hispanic district of East Palo Alto.

Apart from the town square, there are 4 acres of public parks, 2 acres of elevated parks similar to the High Line in New York City, and other public open spaces.

In addition to residential and retail space, Facebook also plans to create 1.25 million square feet of new office, conference and conference room space for social media companies.

Plans for the new city include 1,729 apartments, supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, 193 hotels, multiple parks and public parks, and Facebook office space.

Forsided, 12.07.2021

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