Joe Biden Kneeling in Front of Israeli President at White House [Photo]

During a meeting with the President of Israel at the White House, Joe Biden went down on his knees and vowed eternal allegiance to Israel, the Israeli newspaper Kipa reports. 

The ceremonial gesture was performed by the President of the United States in connection with his Israeli colleague Reuven Rivlin visiting the White House last week.

During the meeting, Joe Biden stated that his commitment to Israel is “well known and set in stone”. Biden also described his “undeniable support for Israel’s self-defence”.

He had then also fallen to his knees. Also present at the meeting was Reuven Rivlin’s ultra-Orthodox Chief of Staff Rivka Ravitz, who spoke about her twelve children, which preceded Joe Biden’s gesture.

Rivka Ravitz attracted attention in 2015 when she herself refused to bow to the pope because he carried a cross.  It ended with the pope hiding his cross with his hand and bowing to her instead, which offended Catholics.

Forsided, 12.07.2021

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