South Africa Burning: Violence “Rarely Seen” in History [Videos]

On social media, the videos, filmed in South Africa are described as if they were taken from a zombie apocalyptic horror film as huge riots have broken out in South Africa.

At the end of last week, a court decided to sentence former South African President Jacob Zuma to 15 months in prison for defiance of the court.

The violence began in Zuma’s home province but has since spread through the multicultural country. The military has been deployed to fight the savage bullies.

President Cyril Ramaphosa admitted that the protests ravaging his country could be rooted in political grievances, but has tried to play down the violence – reportedly sparked in reaction to former President Jacob Zuma’s jailing – as a “cover” for looting.

The number of people detained during the riots in South Africa has exceeded 750, South African Police Minister Bheki Cele says. The death toll from the protests in the province reached 26 people.

Videos depicting the chaos in South Africa are now being viral on social media. A video shows, among other things, how armed civilians, who are said to be Indians in Durban, stand and shoot at rioters with rifles.

Among other things, a large shopping centre has burned down. Many retail outlets were looted.

Jacob Zuma was convicted in defiance of court after refusing to appear before a commission investigating him for widespread corruption during his time as President of South Africa 2009-2018. 

The now 79-year-old politician is known for his fight against the whites during the so-called apartheid era. Among other things, he told about how he used witchcraft as a voodoo against the whites during this fight.

Forsided, 13.07.2021

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