South Korean TV Apologizes For “Inappropriate” Olympic Images [Photos]

A South Korean TV channel apologizes after using “inappropriate” graphics to represent nations at the Tokyo Olympics, including a photo of riots for Haiti and the deadly Chernobyl meltdown for Ukraine, baffling viewers.

The Seoul-based Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) was criticized for its controversial image choices as the games kicked off in Tokyo on Friday.

While some countries were represented with more innocuous items – a pizza was used for Italy, and a juicy hunk of salmon for Norway – others were more controversial.

Haiti was illustrated with a photograph of a wild street riot with burning and smoking car tires in the background. For Ukraine, a picture was shown of the completely wrecked and burnt out nuclear power plant in Chernobyl.

 The oddities in MBC’s coverage did not end with the ill-advised graphics. Sweden was described as a “developed welfare state”. However, a typo transformed “developed country” into said “cow blood soup” in Korean.

Forsided, 27.07.2021

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