Tokyo Olympics Athletes Subjected to COVID Tyranny [Video]

Japan set up concentration camps for athletes that have gone to Tokyo to compete in the Summer Olympics this year. One of the athletes posted the video on social media and says that under conditions comparable to concentration camps, athletes at the Games will be forced to “enjoy themselves” in Japan in 2021.

“I’m Jazz, and currently in Japan for the Tokyo Olympics. Here are some of the COVID protocols we need to follow,” the female athlete explains in the video and gives examples:

  • The PCR test must be performed every day and must be delivered by 10 a.m.
  • The fever must be measured every day and entered into a phone program that goes to the Japanese government so they can track what they are doing and where they are staying
  • Hand disinfection points are everywhere (and used)
  • A face mask should be worn at all times and everywhere unless you exercise or eat
  • Meals must be carried out in pens separated by plexiglass and restaurant staff must not be in direct contact with the athletes – they work behind plastic walls
  • You can only leave the hotel with a security guard
  • Allowed outdoor areas are strictly demarcated and fenced
  • At the hotel, athletes are allowed to stay outside on one balcony, but only in a face mask
  • Media communication must be via video-video connections
  • There should be only technology in the interview room, not filming groups
  • The stay at the hotel is limited to a few floors
  • All contact with non-race team members is prohibited.

Forsided, 27.07.2021

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