Maskless Obama At His Birthday Party Causes Anger Online [Video]

Power-holders and celebrities who demand that the population wear a face mask, in reality, have all been at Barack Obama’s home on the ex-president’s 60th birthday party. This has aroused anger and harsh criticism online.

Barack Obama is the latest in a series of Democrats in the United States to be accused of hypocrisy after apparently violating the recommendations he made to the public during the pandemic.

Many left-wing politicians and officials have warned of the dangers of the so-called delta variant of the coronavirus and have launched a crackdown on events where many people gather in the same place.

The former president’s celebration on Saturday originally drew outrage when reports indicated the guest list was in the hundreds, leading some to wonder how such an event could be justified. In response to the outrage, Obama’s party was reportedly scaled back.

Obama himself was also caught in a picture without a mask and the pictures were spread quickly on social media on Sunday. However, the film, which was uploaded by musician Erykah Badu, one of the guests, was quickly deleted.

“The entire mainstream media colluded to lie to the American people and pretend that Obama was scaling back his party. He didn’t. He went all in, maskless, inside,” commentator Candace Owens tweeted in response to the images. 

Forsided, 09.08.2021

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