Unbelievable Footage Shows Hundreds of Afghans Trying to Escape Taliban [Photo]

An astonishing photo has emerged of hundreds of Afghans crammed into a U.S. military C-17 that took off from Kabul amid the chaos and landed in Qatar, suggesting that the military was forced to make decisions to take off with refugees aboard, in the wake of a complete lack of any contingency from the Biden administration.

Here’s the photo of the inside of the plane:

The linked article from Defense One notes that it’s “believed to be among the most people ever flown in the C-17” which belongs to the 436th Air Wing, based at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

A representative of the White House stated that over the past day, the United States has evacuated more than 700 people from Kabul, including 150 Americans.

Defence officials said that the pilots had to make a decision to go with people on board after they clambered up the ramp.

Footage captured people desperately cramming into the planes, with some even clinging to the outside of the craft.

Forsided, 17.08.2021
Source: Summit News

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