Australian Police Pepper Spray Children & Punishing Man For Getting Some Fresh Air [Video]

 Videos online show Australian police pepper-spraying children for not wearing face masks. Another footage shows the police chastise a man who went outside to get some “fresh air”.

The encounter apparently began after the kids were spotted not wearing face coverings inside a shopping mall.

The clip shows police handcuffing more than one of the kids as the girl recording the video points out that some of the officers involved aren’t even wearing masks.

The situation then escalates into a physical squabble as the kids begin shrieking in terror.

The brave officers then drag one of the evildoers to the ground before hitting the complaining kids with a blast of pepper spray to ensure total compliance.

“You pepper-sprayed a 12-year-old!” states the girl.

Another footage shows a police chief in Australia chastising a man because he wasn’t at home when authorities visited him and had gone out for some “fresh air.”

The cop says that officers visited a home in south-west Sydney and “found a person that should be there, wasn’t there, they made several enquiries and not that long after, that person returned to the front of the house in a motor vehicle.”

Police then gave the man a “penalty infringement notice” which “stated that he hopped in his car and went out for some fresh air and hadn’t been anywhere else.”

“If you are gonna behave like this…if you’re gonna step outside the health orders, you will be checked on, and you will get an infringement notice, and that person will continue to be checked on to make sure that they comply,” the police chief added.

Forsided, 19.08.2021

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