Taliban Response About Censorship: “Ask Facebook instead” [Video]

A Taliban spokesman referred to the censorship of Western Internet giants when asked about freedom of expression. Taliban leaders said that free speech in America is under more threat than in Afghanistan owing to the US administration’s use of Facebook to censor dissent, and general big tech erosion of freedom of expression.

The movement’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stated during the press conference, among other things, that the Taliban will not take revenge on interpreters and others who have worked for the occupying forces. He also promised that free private media would be allowed in the new Taliban state.

But when Mujahid was asked about freedom of speech by a journalist, he turned to the question.

“That question should be asked of those who claim to promote freedom of speech but who do not allow all information to be published. Ask Facebook,” he said.

Forsided, 19.08.2021

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