Forced Vaccination of Children in Australia – Demonstrators Took to The Streets [Videos]

Mass vaccination event for children to be held in Australia, which the parents can’t attend. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the streets of Australia have seen furious protests against the Covid restrictions declared in the country.

Hot anti-COVID protests erupted in Sydney and Melbourne as huge crowds took to the streets, condemning the lockdown. Clashes have been seen on the streets, with Australian police cracking down on protesters.

The videos show how the crowds are on their way through Melbourne, and at some point, the procession collided with the presence of heavy police to prevent the march. As a result, hundreds of protesters were arrested for breaching Covid restrictions.

The epic scene was filmed in Tweed Heads on the border between Queensland and New South Wales. A man galloped on a white horse among the demonstrators, while delivering a sort of a passionate pre-battle speech.

“Cross over! Everyone go across the border! Cross over! They can’t arrest us all,” the rider shouted, prompting applause and cheers from his fellow protesters.

Prior to the marches, police declared zero tolerance for all demonstrations in Sydney. A day after, PM Scott Morrison has reiterated that Australia will keep battling the virus with lockdowns until the majority of citizens are fully vaccinated.

The protests come shortly after New South Wales authorities announced on Friday the extended Covid lockdown. Nearly half of Sydney’s five million residents will be banned from moving out until mid-September. 

The same coercive measure is in place in Melbourne, which means that more than a quarter of Australia’s population lives in a confined space, requiring residents to stay at home with only a few exceptions.

Emotions have been heated in Australia for many reasons. The government’s decision to carry out a mass vaccination of tens of thousands of children with an experimental mRNA vaccine and reassemble them without the presence of parents in a police-guarded delivery has sparked widespread fear, rage and despair.

24,000 children will be placed in a quarantine camp at the stadium and forced into vaccinations in an event in which the children’s parents are not allowed to attend.

Forsided, 23.08.2021

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