White House Medical Advisor Couldn’t Give Clear Reason to Get Vaccinated [Video]

The American physician-scientist and immunologist, the Chief Medical Advisor to the White House, Dr Anthony Fauci, stumbled to give a precise and concise answer to the question of why Americans with natural COVID immunity should get vaccinated.

In his struggle to explain why Americans who have a natural immunity to COVID should get the vaccine, the doctor just said, “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.”

The main defence line for the vaccination from the doctor was that any solid evidence to the durability of natural infection to COVID was shown, on the contrary to the ‘vaccine protection’ durability.

“It is conceivable that you got infected, you’re protected, but you may not be protected for an indefinite period of time,” Fauci noted.

That was also a strange response given that the vaccine has proven so inept at offering lasting protection that booster shots are already being rolled out.

However, Fauci’s claim is directly disproved by the study that showed that natural immunity provided Israelis “longer-lasting Delta defence than vaccines”. According to the research, people who had two vaccine shots had a six-fold higher chance of getting infected with Delta than patients who hadn’t been vaccinated but previously contracted the coronavirus.

Forsided, 21.09.2021
Source: Summit News

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