White House Staff Cut in Boris Johnson’s Speech in Mid-Sentence [Video]

Yesterday, on September 21, 2021, Joe Biden met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S., shortly after the meeting of the UN General Assembly. They stressed how the UK-US partnership is ‘unrivalled in its scale’ and discussed the AUUKUS defence pact when suddenly, the White House staff abruptly interrupted the meeting and Johnson’s speech in particular, by shouting over him in the attempt to get media out of the room.

Source: RT

As Johnson was trying to finish his thought, the White House staff began to expel the journalists from the premise, persistently and loudly ‘thanking them for their work’. Biden seemingly ignored the fuss and just calmly looked around the room few times.

According to correspondents present at the meeting, Biden was asked about the ongoing crisis at the US southern border, and his answer was continuously interrupted by the staff asking everyone to leave the room. As specified, after being pushed out of the Oval Office, frustrated reporters filed a formal complaint to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Unfortunately, she didn’t give a reasonable explanation for such behaviour of the staff.

Forsided, 22.09.2021
Source: Sputnik

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