Swiss Guards Resign in Order to Avoid Vatican Vaccine Mandate [Tweet]

Three Swiss Guards have resigned ‘voluntarily’ from the ceremonial Vatican force, while several others have been suspended after the Holy See ordered the troops to get vaccinated against Covid-19 without any religious exemptions.

While other Vatican staff and visitors have an option to undergo regular Covid-19 tests to maintain their Green Pass status, all Swiss Guards had been ordered to get a jab “to protect their health and that of the others they come into contact with as part of their service,” the unit’s official Lt. Urs Breitenmoser told AP.

“Three members of the Guard have chosen not to adhere to that request, voluntarily leaving the corps,” the reports say.

Besides the three guardsmen sent back to Switzerland, at least three others were suspended from active duty after they agreed to vaccinate but have yet to receive their jabs. 

Forsided, 04.10.2021

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