Russian Letters on a Can of Sour Cream Infuriated a Retiree in Latvia [Photo]

A pensioner from Latvia got outraged by the inscription in Russian on a jar of local sour cream of the Lazdona dairy plant. 

“Is there already a second STATE LANGUAGE in Latvia???” Skaidrite Krallisha asked in her Twitter post.

The woman’s subscribers supported her in her indignation and offered to boycott such products after the woman added the online store of the sour cream pictured it only from the side where there was an inscription in Latvian.

Less than two million people who live in Latvia, about 40 per cent consider Russian their native language, even though officially it has the status of a foreign language, according to Regnum. In spite of this fact, in September 2017, the right-wing radical national association put forward the idea to switch kindergartens and schools exclusively into Latvian, that is, to prohibit Russian schools and education in Russian.

Forsided, 04.10.2021

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