NYC Protesters Oppose Mandatory Vaccines for Educators [Video]

Many protesters gathered near the city’s Department of Education headquarters in New York City to demand an end to Covid vaccine mandates for teachers and other school staff.

According to local accounts, the protest gathering began outside the Department of Education (DOE) facility in Brooklyn and proceeded across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan.

The strike occurred on the same day that the nation’s largest school district implemented a vaccine mandate for teachers, with non-compliant employees risking unpaid leave or the option of departing with a severance package.

Videos of the demonstration circulated on social media – much of it captured by videographers Brendan Gutenschwager and Leeroy Johnson – with protesters heard chanting “The system is corrupt!” in one clip.

From Union Square, the protest march took a somewhat odd detour, hitting a nearby Australian diplomatic office to denounce that country’s ongoing Covid-19 lockdowns – which have been among the world’s harshest and longest-lasting shutdown orders amid the pandemic. 

With some marchers seen hoisting Australian national flags, chants of “Save Australia!” could be heard from the rally as it neared Canberra’s consulate on 42nd Street. Others were heard shouting “We will not comply!”

Forsided, 05.10.2021

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