Australian cops Assaulting Grocery Shoppers As Protesters Yelling “Freedom” in Response [Video]

Footage shot this weekend in Melbourne, Australia, shows riot police harassing and abusing supermarket shoppers attempting to buy food and coffee before heading home, while another video shows passionate demonstrators fighting back, chasing the police away and yelling “Freedom”.

The city is still under lockdown after 245 days, making it the longest lockdown anywhere in the world, and vaccine mandates have been announced for all state workers. Protesters took to the streets and police struggled to contain all of them.

Workers in the state of Victoria, including retail workers, personal trainers, MPs, journalists, faith leaders, judges, police, lawyers, cleaners, farmers, spa workers, actors and professional sports people have been ordered to get vaccinated within the next fortnight or risk losing their jobs.

Forsided, 04.10.2021

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