Thousands Protested in Rome Against Covid Green Pass – Police Used Excessive Force [Videos]

Thousands of demonstrators marched down Rome’s famous Via Veneto and other streets on Saturday protecting against the tyrannical Italy’s new “Green Pass” vaccination requirement for employees to enter their offices.

The certification is mandatory beginning on Oct. 15 and applies to public and private workplaces.Both employees and employers risk fines if they don’t comply. 

The videos show the situation in Rome on Saturday. After a massive rally, clashes between police and freedom defenders have erupted in the city streets.

Police swung at some demonstrators with batons. Many protesters in the front lines outside Chigi Palace raised their arms to indicate non-violence as they faced off with police. Others raised clenched fists or waved Italian flags and shouted “Freedom!” One banner read “Get your hands off (our) work.”

“Two walking protesters were attacked by the police, from the behind! Then we only talk about the fascist assault. No one cares about the causes of the event,” a Twitter user wrote.

Forsided, 11.10.2021

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