Swiss Police Violently Attack Anti-Vaccine Passport Protesters [Videos]

Swiss police are using increasingly forceful methods and firearms to disperse crowds and deter primarily peaceful protest. Since brutal ‘COVID certificate’ mandate was revealed in early September, protests have grown across the country, including weekly marches in the capital city of Bern.

Citizens reacted in shock as footage of officers brutally attacking a lone man on Thursday night in Bern went viral on social media.

A different angle of the arrest shows the man calmly walking up to a line of officers, seemingly to address them in a civil manner, before they violently set upon him and slam him to the pavement.

A spokesman for the Bern cantonal police claimed the reaction was warranted because the man had his hands in his pockets. The victim is reportedly an active member of the medical community. He has already filed a legal complaint against Bern cantonal police.

Police also deployed armored vehicles and fired water cannons and rubber bullets at demonstrators.

Forsided, 11.10.2021

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