Facebook’s Secret Blacklist Revealed [Tweet]

Over 4,000 people and organizations are on a recently released Facebook list of “dangerous individuals and organizations.” Terrorists, historical villains, cartels, militia groups, and dissidents are among those sanctioned by the US.

The 100-page document was somehow obtained and published on Tuesday by the Intercept, which noted that “nearly everyone and everything on the list is considered a foe or threat by America or its allies,” and over half consists of alleged foreign terrorists.

The Intercept cites activists to frame the list as “an unaccountable system that disproportionately punishes certain communities,” what with the terrorism suspects being “Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Muslim,” and those alleged to be violent criminals “predominantly Black and Latino.” Meanwhile, the outlets says, there are “far looser prohibitions” on discussing “predominately white anti-government militias.” 

Almost 1,000 entries in the terrorism portion of the list are from the Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT), a sanctions list maintained by the US Treasury Department.

Forsided, 13.10.2021

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