Norwegian Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square Was Mocked on Twitter For Being “Half Dead” [Tweets]

Norway has given England Christmas trees as a gift every year, ever since 1947. The public hasn’t been left indifferent on Twitter to this year’s Trafalgar Square tree. Commentators found the tree “thin and sad”, suggesting that it looks “like it has anorexia” or is simply dead.

The Christmas tree, which is given each year ahead of Christmas, is intended as a gesture of gratitude for the British assistance that Norway received during World War II. However, in recent years, it has attracted a lot of derision because of its shape and appearance.

Londoners were not impressed by the tree’s skimpy looks and somewhat slanted geometry and didn’t mince words. “Are we at war with Norway now?”, one bemused reaction sounded.

“Crikey, who has upset Norway??” another sarcastic user wrote on Twitter.

“Thanks for the tree Norway but where is the rest of it!??”, another one wrote, ridiculing the tree’s lopsided shape.

Forsided, 03.12.2021

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