German Companies Suggest What Merkel Can Do After Leaving Politics [Tweets]

Angela Merkel‘s time in office is gone, and it’s time for the former chancellor to figure out what she wants to do with her free time. A few recommendations came from German companies.

Several German companies, including a local IKEA, decided to pay respect to the former German chancellor in an unexpected way by using her image in their recent advertisements.

Merkel’s image was included in an IKEA ad sitting in a cosy armchair in a modestly furnished room, congratulating her on being “finally home.” Since a caption to the ad on social media read: “Could you please pass me the opera glasses, I would want to see if Olaf is already busy,” the company obviously did not anticipate she would entirely forget about politics after 16 years as chancellor.

Merkel’s new calling may be gardening, according to a hardware store ad that depicted Merkel performing the trademark ‘Merkel’s rhombus’ or ‘diamond’ hand gesture while wearing the company’s gloves.

“For all those, who finally have time for a garden,” the ad’s caption read. Toom could also not help but remind its clients to treat politics seriously since the ad also featured another caption reading: “First go to vote and then off to the garden!”

Merkel does not appear to be a great gardener, but she does appreciate the beauty of nature. After all, she is well-known for her love of vacation hiking.

Now that she is no longer required to appear in front of photographers during official occasions, Germany’s Astra beer brand suggested the former chancellor may find a different use for her iconic ‘diamond gesture.’ The business presented the ex-chancellor with a bottle of its Astra Urtyp beer and wished everyone a “good evening.”

Forsided, 09.12.2021

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