UK Wasting a Lot of Money on Pizza For Boat Migrants [Tweet]

According to reports, the UK government is spending a lot of taxpayer money on pizza for illegal immigrants crossing the English Channel.

Nigel Farage, the architect of Brexit, recently reacted to accusations that over $13,000 was spent on Domino’s pizzas for migrants in September.

Farage claimed that fellow taxpayers are “quite pissed” at being compelled to support large-scale food delivery to illegal alien detention centres.

Over $9,000 was spent on two days’ worth of pizza for illegals this week, according to GB News presenter Patrick Christys, and more was spent on food trucks when migrants complained about ‘cold kebabs.’

“A Dover branch of Dominos was forced to close last week after Border Force officers ordered hundreds of pizzas to feed migrants who had crossed the Channel,” GB News reports. “On Wednesday, Border Force officers reportedly bought 200 pizzas from Domino’s to feed the 703 migrants who had arrived. On Thursday, the figure rose to 500 pizzas to feed the record 1,185 new arrivals.”

Forsided, 09.12.2021

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