Munich Protests Against Vaccine Mandate in Munich [Video]

In Munich, Germany’s third-largest city, a protest against a coming vaccine mandate and other pandemic-related restrictions was held on Wednesday. The country’s new government intends to make immunization mandatory as soon as next year.

On Wednesday evening, some 1,000 people gathered in Wittelsbach Square, according to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, quoting police.

A banner reading “Munich stands up for rights and freedoms” was held by opponents of mandatory vaccination and strict pandemic restrictions. As they marched, some carried Bavarian flags and screamed “freedom.”

According to authorities, there were no serious occurrences. A similar rally in Munich last week drew up to 600 people, with police making numerous arrests when some attendees refused to wear masks. Demonstrations have recently taken place in other cities.

Earlier last month, federal and regional leaders agreed to impose stricter limitations on the unvaccinated. If the bill is passed by the parliament, Germany’s new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has stated that mandatory vaccination should be in place by early February or March.

Forsided, 09.12.2021

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