Dutch Politician Censured For Comparing COVID Restrictions to Holocaust [Tweet]

A Dutch MP was forced to delete tweets that compared the Covid-19 epidemic restrictions to the Holocaust, but he says he will challenge the jury’s ruling, which he calls “crazy.”

On Wednesday, an Amsterdam judge found that right-wing Forum for Democracy MP Thierry Baudet was “pointlessly offending Holocaust victims and their relatives” on social media and ordered him to erase the posts within 48 hours or face a fine of €25,000 ($28,000) for each day he took his time. Baudet was also barred from utilizing Holocaust-related pictures in conversations about the Covid-19 health restrictions, according to the court.

“I’ve just deleted four tweets I was required to delete by a judge. Same with Instagram and Facebook messages,” Baudet wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Adding that he was “deeply sad that I am not allowed to express what I deeply believe,” he underlined that “we will certainly appeal.” He also called it “incomprehensible” and “crazy.”

In one of the tweets, now deleted, Baudet said that the unvaccinated were “the new Jews” and “those who look away from the exclusions are the new Nazis.” He also placed side by side an image of a ghetto child with a Star of David with a photo of an unvaccinated Dutch child unable to attend a party.

Forsided, 16.12.2021

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