Protests Against Covid-19 Restrictions in New Zealand With 90% of Vaccinated [Video]

Thousands of people marched through New Zealand’s capital Wellington, led by a group of motorcycles, to protest obligatory Coivd-19 vaccinations and lockdowns in the country, which has hit the 90 per cent vaccination mark.

According to local media reports, the march on Thursday drew roughly 3,000 demonstrators. A mass of primarily uncovered activists marched from the country’s central business area to the Beehive, the country’s parliament, where they held a demonstration.

The procession, which had been headed by dozens of motorcyclists, carried signs reading: ‘Freedom over fear’, ‘Lockdowns destroy lives’, and ‘Kiwis are not lab rats’, among others.

The protesters at the Beehive chanted “You serve us” and “Show us your face.” However, the calls, addressed to MPs, were in vain as the parliament closed for holidays on Wednesday.

Forsided, 16.12.2021
Source: RT News

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