COVID Bracelets Are Issued At German Malls & Markets to Approved Shoppers [Tweet]

German shopping malls and markets use a coded wristband system for COVID-compliant customers and visitors, according to sources.

Only people who have received experimental COVID injections or who have recently recovered from an infection are allowed inside most indoor businesses under current ‘2G’ restrictions.

Access to ‘non-essential’ retail areas where these rules are in effect is no longer possible if you test negative for COVID.

‘Compliant’ customers are now given bracelets that allow them to enter businesses within enormous marketplaces after being screened at the entrances.

Security guards check visitors’ health data to their personal identification, according to a spokeswoman at the Mall of Berlin information desk who spoke to Czech media.

“If everything fits, the shopper receives a paper bracelet on their wrist. At the entrance to other stores in this center, customers no longer have to re-submit documents and vaccination certificate. Just show the bracelet,” Euro Zprávy reports.

Asked if he is concerned about “fraudsters” trying to beat the scheme, a guard asserted, “I don’t know if it would pay off at all. The name of the department store is printed on the bracelets and the colours of the ribbons change every day.”

Forsided, 22.12.2021
Source: Europe.Infowars

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