Hospitals Beg To Return Fired Unvaccinated Nurses Due to Staff Shortages [Tweets]

Hospitals are reportedly being overloaded due to personnel shortages, thus healthcare workers who were fired for refusing to get vaccinated are being asked to return in droves.

A nurse sharing a story about her hospital begging her to return in one video that has gone viral on social media.

“November 15, I was terminated from my nursing job because of mandates. This weekend, on Dec. 18, I had a message from staffing asking if me I could work this weekend all through Christmas and all through to the New Year. They’re so desperately short,” the nurse says.

A woman witnessed an Oregon hospital firing unvaccinated employees only to hire unvaccinated “travelling nurses” in another viral social media post.

As the number of hospitalizations rises around the world, more hospitals are discovering that vaccine requirements are a bad idea.

Another medical worker who had been fired for being unvaccinated was now being asked to return to work, according to a Facebook post.

“I received a surprising email today,” the post described, adding, “Us coerced and shamed ones are allowed to return to work on January 10th!!!”

A similar case was observed by political commentator Peter Sweden in one of the Canadian provinces.

“Hospitals in Alberta, Canada put 1400 health care workers on leave before Christmas for being unvaccinated. Now they are begging them to come back to work because of the Omicron surge,” noted Sweden.

A hospital in Melbourne, Australia, also reportedly asked unvaccinated staff to return back to work.

Forsided, 29.12.2021
Source: Infowars

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