Poll: Third of Britons believe the pandemic will continue forever

According to a new poll, a third of British people believe the pandemic, along with all the restrictions that come with it, will never stop.

“A third (33%) of Britons believe the Covid-19 pandemic will never be fully over in the UK, while just 4% of Britons believe the pandemic is already effectively over,” according to a YouGov poll conducted as the outbreak approaches two years.

Another 41% believe it will take at least another year to end the pandemic, while 21% believe it will take longer than two years.

Only 12% of Britons believe their lives have returned to normal since the introduction of the Omicron variety.

Despite multiple studies demonstrating that the Omicron variety is milder than earlier strains, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still under pressure to impose additional restrictions on people living in England.


Forsided, 27.12.2021
Source: Summit News

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