Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Following Government Narrative on COVID [Tweet]

A leading Danish newspaper has apologized for “hypnotically” adopting the government’s COVID-19 pandemic narrative, admitting “we failed.”

“We failed,” newspaper Ekstra Bladet admits, “for almost two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronavirus figures.”

The newspaper also admitted that it had been found inadequate on the crucial problem of separating the numbers of people who died from COVID and those who died from other causes.

“WE HAVE NOT been vigilant enough at the garden gate when the authorities were required to answer what it actually meant that people are hospitalized with corona and not because of corona. Because it makes a difference. A big difference,” states the piece.

According to the article, politicians and authorities have ‘lied’ about other features of the pandemic, causing the public to lose faith in them.

The publication also pointed out that health officials greatly exaggerated the effectiveness of vaccines in halting the pandemic.

Forsided, 13.01.2022
Source: Summit News

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