Man with Hammer Tried to Destroy a Statue by Paedophile Artist [Video]

Days after BLM activists were cleared for toppling the Colston statue, a man was arrested after he climbed the BBC Broadcasting House and spends four hours damaging a sculpture by paedophile artist Eric Gill as police do nothing.

Eric Gill, a known paedophile, created the vandalized statue in 1933. Gill’s diaries, according to the Daily Mail, revealed that he assaulted his two kids, sisters, and dog during his lifetime.

The statue is called “Prospero and Ariel,” and it represents an older man caressing a young, naked boy holding a flute. It was inspired by Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.

The man who damaged the statue climbed a ladder wearing a “Reservoir Dogs” t-shirt, a cult classic 90s film, before repeatedly hammering the sculpture over the course of four hours.

The man was eventually brought down safely by the London Fire Brigade using an elevated platform while police stood by and observed as they attempted to engage with him.

While speaking with the police negotiators, the man stated that the statue should have been removed years ago. On the statue were also written the phrases “Noose All Peados” and “BBC Peados + Propaganda.”

For years, political activists in the United Kingdom have attempted to have the statue removed.

Forsided, 13.01.2022

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