Largest Anti-lockdown March in Brussels – Protesters Smash EU Diplomatic Service HQ [Video]

Thousands of protesters joined a mass march against Covid-19 health passes and other restrictions imposed by European governments in the name of combating the epidemic on the streets of Brussels on Sunday, causing chaotic scenes.

RT’s video show how White-helmeted police officers in riot gear blocked roadways with barricades and used water cannons to disperse protesters, according to France journalist Charles Baudry. Meanwhile, black-clad masked protesters attacked the police with a variety of objects.

The protesters could be heard whooping and cheering as they threw plastic chairs at the police, who were using tear gas to disperse them. According to RT videos, officers armed with shields and batons moved in a tight formation to push protesters away from a city park.

Demonstrators attacked the entrance to the European External Action Service headquarters in one particularly violent incident. They attempted to smash the door, leaving noticeable marks on the reinforced glass, and then used planks as improvised spears as a number of police officers remained inside and used tear gas to try to drive them away.

The organizers said that they were not opposing Covid-19 measures as such, but rather protecting freedom, democracy, and human rights while protesting the “undemocratic” manner in which European governments chose to impose restrictions.

“We want to point out that a large and ever-growing group of people no longer feel that they are heard in the social debate,” said Tom Meert, the head of Europeans United.

According to RT, Sunday’s anti-lockdown march in Brussels was larger than ever before.

Forsided, 24.01.2022

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