Poland Starts Construction of Border Wall With Belarus [Video]

Poland begins work on the new EU-Belarus border wall. Construction has begun on a major border barrier separating Poland and Belarus amid an ongoing migration crisis in the region.

Polish contractors began work on Tuesday on a 353-million euro wall along the Belarus border. The 5.5-metre high wall will run along 186 kilometres (115 miles) of the border — almost half the total length — and is to be completed in June. 

The venture is estimated to cost 353 million euros (~$400 million) and is scheduled to be completed within six months.

“As planned, the construction sites were turned over to the contractors on Tuesday,” Polish Border Guard spokeswoman Krystyna Jakimik-Jarosz told AFP.

Last year, tens of thousands of migrants, largely from the Middle East and Africa, arrived in Belarus, hoping to continue on to wealthier European countries like Germany and the United Kingdom through Poland.

Despite the fact that the crisis has decreased since its peak in late 2021, Polish authorities continue to repel migrant incursions on a regular basis.

Forsided, 28.01.2022
Source: Europe.Infowars

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