Apple Releases Pregnant Man Emoji Drawing Criticism Online [Tweets]

A ‘pregnant man’ and ‘pregnant person’ emoji, which are set to make a dramatic appearance on Apple iPhones with its latest update iOS 15.4, have sparked controversy online.

A “pregnant man” emoji and “pregnant person” emoji are coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update. The company said the characters “may be used for representation by trans men, non-binary people, or women with short hair—though, of course, use of these emoji is not limited to these groups.”

However, the Pregnant Man emoji has sparked debate online. Some argue that making pregnancy all-inclusive erases biological attributes that make women different from men.

“How a man can be pregnant are insane?” tweeted one user, while another wrote, “Tell me it isn’t so that they are making a pregnant man emoji with this new update… we have failed as a civilization.”

“Men can’t get pregnant. This isn’t a controversial take to 99% of the globe. Even emojis have to be woke now and it’s an intentional way to shift public thinking and legitimize an absurd political agenda,” the radio host tweeted.

Forsided, 31.01.2022

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